2015 Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black Conference

The Kansas City chapter will be hosting the 2015 Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black Conference during the weekend of October 9-11, 2015.

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About the Brotherhood of St. Moses the Black

Over two thousand years ago, a young Virgin and her Child found refuge in Africa from threatening forces. Since that time, Christianity has developed extensive roots in Africa. St. Anthony and the Desert Fathers kept the Church from worldliness and preserved the mystical gifts. St. Athanasius helped write the Creed. St. Cyril kept the Church from dishonoring Christ and His Mother. The African Martyrs gave the Church courage. The African Mothers gave the Church philosophers like St. Katherine. The hermitesses like St. Mary of Egypt and St. Sarah of the Nile showed the path of contrition, redemptive suffering and repentance.

In modern times, there is a renewed fountain of ancient Orthodox Christianity. It is flowing throughout the entire world. This flow of spiritual life does not negate the rich tradition already developed in the crucible of suffering and the triumphs of character in America. Rather, it beckons all Americans to row into deeper waters – the waters of the ancient Christian movement. This has been kept alive in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

More information: http://mosestheblack.org